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Young Adults

You have a voice. You have rights

This is really important…
SafeToNet does not snoop


SafeToNet fully respects your privacy. It is fully automated so nobody can see the content of what you send, receive, or view. Nobody other than you.

SafeToNet is a system that has been designed to help protect you. When you give it permission to begin to understand you, it detects and blocks people who aren’t who they say they are, finds and filters harmful content before you have to see it and helps prevent aggression and sexual exploitation. Most importantly, though, SafeToNet does not snoop.

  • It will NOT limit your freedom or fun in anyway
  • It will require your full permission before being activated
  • It will NOT snoop through messages or content
  • It will keep all of your information and data private
  • It will NOT try to sell you anything
  • It will inform you of all processes as much as possible
  • It will NOT limit the amount of friends or followers you have
  • It will get your parents off your back as they now know you are safe
  • It will NOT stop you exploring or being yourself
  • It will keep you safe

What the software does for you:

It gets to understand you

The software runs quietly in the background, detecting patterns in your usage of the online world and trying to understand your digital footprint.
It uses these patterns to understand your online norm and can begin to pick up anything out of the ordinary that may cause you distress. For example an online predator, a bully or someone who is not who they say they are.

It blocks the bad stuff

It can block anything that may cause you harm or distress and will automatically inform you of what has been blocked and why. It will then alert your parents and the person who tried to harm you. 

It restricts websites

The software can detect websites containing harmful content such as graphic violence that you may be unaware of and blocks you from it. 

It can give advice

It can guide and advise you if required on the risks it is aware of such as dangerous and harmful apps and websites.

It can help manage your time

It allows you and your parents to control the amount of time you spend online. In the face of exams or studying it might be useful to use this as a tool to manage social media distractions.

It is fully confidential

As well as none of your actual content being accessible, all of your data and information is always kept private and secure.

What it does for your parents:

It discreetly monitors apps

It allows your parents to see what apps you have on your device and allows them to temporarily block them. This can be individually or collectively and is done remotely.

It can temporarily lock your device

It allows your parents to temporarily lock your device as a last resort if they are worried about you, perhaps if you have work or are not sleeping properly or may be at risk.

It collects your stats

It allows you and your parents to see how much time you spend online, what apps you use and when you are most likely to use them.
It then compares and benchmarks them to others in your age group to give your parents a better understanding of your digital world and how it is being used.

Can You Help Us?

Our Company (SafeToNet) is guided on its direction, product strategy and market position by Young Adults. Some come and see us and spend time with us whilst others connect with us online. Would you like to help us too? We would appreciate it. Please can you give us honest feedback (we know you might like to be blunt). SafeToNet only exists to weed out the bad and safeguard the good. It wants to help. Have we got it wrong? Have we got anything right? Where are we failing and where are we succeeding? What can we do better?