Why we founded SafeToNet- your chance to join our journey

At SafeToNet we’re absolutely passionate about keeping children safe online, safer in their digital world so they can explore, interact and socialise without fear of predation or threat, as is their right. Our product balances the absolute rights of a child to privacy, with the primal desire of parents to keep their children safe online; it’s a crucial and delicate balance which we’d love you to be a part of.

Why did I feel the need to create SafeToNet? The problem we have is that the internet wasn’t designed with child safety in mind, it simply wasn’t designed for children. Yet right now, there are hundreds of millions of children online, socialising, interacting, using social media, chat rooms, messaging apps and so on. Even more so during the COVID19 lockdown.

The internet isn’t regulated, Governments around the world haven’t got to grips with this. American social media companies are actually exempt from liability for what is posted on their platforms, and what is posted on their platforms includes the worst of the worst kind of child abuse imagery, some of it beyond most people’s imagination. Their shareholders are absent from this debate, something which we feel is wrong. We’re offering you chance to own and influence the solution to this pernicious problem.

SafeToNet’s vision is to create a world where children are inherently and automatically safe online. We believe it is a fundamentally basic human right. SafeToNet is rapidly becoming one of the world’s most trusted safeguarding companies. In 3 years, SafeToNet has grown from a start-up with a handful of people sharing a single table, to employing over 50 people in 4 countries across two continents. Along the way we’ve partnered with global companies including Samsung, the world’s largest device manufacturer. We have also been promoted by the governments of the United Kingdom and Germany and now you too can be a part of our success.

We have developed privacy-focussed “safety-by-design” software that helps keep children safe online irrespective of the app they are using. Our technology is pioneering and uses on-device artificial intelligence to both advise and guide children “in the moment”, in real time and before any damage is done.

We detect threats such as bullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression as the child is using the keyboard on their device. We provide them with tools to help them understand and to better manage their emotions and moods. We provide real-time advice and guidance and nudge the child’s online behaviour, to steer them away from online risk, so that they are safer digital citizens. 

With this crowdfunding campaign, SafeToNet is offering you the chance to become part of our journey and to help safeguard millions of children around the world from online harms such as bullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression. Our advanced technology is in use in 109 countries and is having a positive impact on children’s lives. It has already helped saved a life in the USA and is changing the way children interact and message with friends and others on social networks and messaging apps.  

Despite the seeming intransigence and smoke screens of social media companies, there is growing realisation of the harms that unfettered access to the online world can bring about. A movement is growing, with pressure increasing on Governments around the world to take action. The “Stop Profit for Hate” campaign is part of this. The UK Government’s Online Harms legislation is another. The EARNT IT Act going through the US Senate is another. Australia’s eSafety Commissioner yet another.

Alongside the opportunity to invest in an ethically and socially responsible company you can become part of the remarkable SafeToNet growth story. You too can be part of this global movement for a safer internet for children, by owning a part of SafeToNet. Let’s together turn this movement into a revolution, a tidal wave, a tsunami, and give our children what they rightly deserve.

An internet free from abuse and predation.

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Richard Pursey
CEO SafeToNet

Richard is a serial entrepreneur with a background in behavioural analytics having successfully started and sold a number of technology companies. Prior to co-founding SafeToNet, Richard spent time working in the voluntary sector and would drive children suffering from cancer to hospital for treatment. He learned much by talking to the children about their lives and in particular their online experiences. Richard also previously served on the board of the West Berkshire NHS Primary Care Trust, where he was exposed to the brutal reality of being a child in today’s online world and the mental health issues associated with online harms. 


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