Press release: Unique child safeguarding app new to market

Cologne, January 2020 – 750,000 predators are online at any given moment worldwide. A third of all children are exposed to sexual harassment online. Children increasingly need safety in the digital world.

SafeToNet, a multi-award winning hi-tech cyber safety company, has entered the German market and is offering its globally unique child safeguarding app in Germany, having drawn the support of a broad alliance of society, politics and trade. Children, parents and teachers are currently being alerted to the risks of cyber bullying and cyber grooming on over 5,000 billboards and “city light” posters nationwide as well as social media.

The SafeToNet app is a unique, artificial intelligence-based app that ensures safer chatting and surfing in real time. Parents and their children install the app on their smartphones. By differentiating between a parent mode and a child mode with different features and guidance for each, children are “accompanied” safely, without intrusions on their privacy or undesirable controls.

Gottfried Werner, SafeToNet’s CEO for EMEA is delighted to welcome Germany as the second country after the UK in which the unique child safeguarding app is available and emphasises, “Given the recent resolution by the German Bundestag regarding cyber grooming, we are entering the German market with the SafeToNet app at exactly the right time. I am happy to hear that even the legislature is becoming more and more sensitised to the topic of child online safety. This shows that there is a real need. With our app we give children and parents a practical tool for safe chatting and surfing.

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