The Six Principles of Child Safeguarding

If you’re a parent, the world you grew up in looked very different from the world your child is growing up in today. You may not have had the internet at your fingertips and a world of technology to explore.  

Or you might have grown up in a time when technology was blooming, and the internet was a world of exciting new things. Chat rooms were booming, social media was starting to become popular, video sharing was being introduced, and the digital world was even less regulated than it is today.  

Regardless of how you grew up, you share the same goals; to protect your children and keep them safe. 

In today’s world of technology, content sharing apps, messaging, and facetime, it’s difficult to always know what your child is doing, who they are connecting & communicating with, and how they’re feeling. Rest assured, you’re not alone in your efforts to protect your children in the ever-expanding digital space.   

SafeToNet is passionate about safeguarding children.

When considering how to keep your child safe online, it’s important to recognize that it’s a shared responsibility between you and your child. Not only should you implement protections to keep them safe, but your child needs to work with you to ensure they stay protected. 

That’s why SafeToNet has dedicated thousands of hours of research and development to create software focused on safeguarding and digital wellbeing. Our app brings parents and children together in the effort to create a safer digital space.  

SAFEGUARDING is characterized by the Social Care Institute for Excellence using six principles: empowermentpreventionproportionalityprotectionpartnership, and accountability.

SafeToNet has put those principles into action through our pioneering technology to promote child safeguarding. 

  1. Empowerment –  Children should feel encouraged to make their own decisions online and understand / consent to any safeguarding measures being implemented.
    • SafeToNet does not hinder the child’s online experience. The Intelligent Safeguarding Keyboard offers guidance to the child in the moment, helping them to identify when they are about to say something harmful, or when there’s an indication of a harmful situation. The child remains in control the entire time. SafeToNet also ensures that children understand their rights and exactly what the app does & does not do before they use it (see here).
  2. Prevention –  It’s best to take action before any harm can occur. 
    • SafeToNet works in real-time, providing advice & guidance to the child in the moment and filtering especially harmful outgoing messages before they can be sent, and any damage can be done. 
  3. Proportionality Provide the least intrusive response proportionate to the risk presented. A large-scale overprotective approach can lead to more harm, as the child feels uncomfortable or vulnerable. 
    • SafeToNet sends an alert to the parent when the Intelligent Keyboard detects a significant increase in a child’s online risk based on a variety of factors (i.e., patterns of risk, time of day that messages are written, type of risk, etc.). When an alert is received by the parent, the Explore the Signs feature helps them to identify and understand what the problem may be. By doing so, SafeToNet avoids being overly intrusive to the child during everyday low-risk behavior, and enables the parent to respond appropriately with an informed and constructive discussion when high-risk behavior arises. 
  4. Protection Keeping children safe and supporting them in moments of need is of paramount importance. 
    • SafeToNet works across ALL apps on iOS & Android – any time that the keyboard is used, the child is safeguarded by SafeToNet’s Intelligent Keyboard in real time. When a risk is detected (or at a time of the child’s choosing), the Digital Wellbeing assistant delivers mindful audio practices that provide reassurance and soothing advice/support when the child needs it most. Further, the Safety Indicator Insights give parents a view into their child’s digital world and alerts them when a pattern of risk is detected, allowing them to step in if needed. This type of real-time protection, mental health support, and detailed insights/alerts supports the child while protecting them from potential online risk.
  5. Partnership Children need to know their parents are their biggest allies and that by “being on the same team” they can keep their independence and privacy while staying safe online
    • SafeToNet maintains the child’s independence and privacy by allowing them to interact online without sharing anything they are typing, sending or receiving. Instead of enabling the parent to spy on the child’s every move online, SafeToNet provides insights and advice to both parents & children, allowing them to observe patterns of risky behavior and craft a supportive, impactful conversation about relevant online harms as a safeguarding team. Notably, the Safety Indicator and Insights are mirrored on both the parent’s and child’s devices, bringing parents and children together as partners to help create safer digital citizens.
  6. Accountability It’s important for children to learn to accept responsibility for their online decisions which could affect the rest of their lives. To support this process, openness between the parent and child is key.
    • By giving children the opportunity to explore their digital world and access to the same Safety Indicator & Insights that their parents are seeing, SafeToNet enables transparency in the safeguarding practice and teaches children to be accountable digital citizens through their own experience, while providing the tools and information they need to navigate the digital world safely.

Welcome to SafeToNet. 

SafeToNet is an award-winning safeguarding and digital wellbeing app that protects kids online, in real time, powered by extremely advanced artificial intelligence.  SafeToNet is the only cyber safety and wellbeing company in the world that advises & guides your child in the moment.    

We respect your child’s privacy 100%, so nobody can see what your child is typing, sending, or receiving (including you, the parent).  At the end of the day, our goal is not to give you the power to snoop or spy on your child. Our goal is to safeguard your child by providing them with real time advice & guidance, mental wellbeing support, and education on potential harms they may face online. We aim to strike a balance that gives children the online freedom they desire while safeguarding them effectively – allowing them to learn while they navigate their online world and enable an open, supportive, and impactful safeguarding partnership in families.

Our pioneering technology gives you valuable insights into your child’s digital wellbeing and provides a unique and dynamic Safety Indicator that delivers a real-time view of your child’s movement towards and away from risk. Additional insights include: the top 5 risky apps your child is using, messages sent per day and the times of the day when high risk messages are sent.  Ultimately, our app highlights their patterns of safety and risk over a period of time and guides you, the parent, on how to deal with and discuss challenging topics that arise. 

At its core, SafeToNet is a solution meant to educate and support your child in real time as they use their device, teaching them how to become responsible and safe digital citizens when you can’t be by their side. Moreover, SafeToNet is here to foster a collaborative safeguarding partnership between parents and children, while giving parents peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape where threats can arise at the click of a button. 

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