SafeToNet protects the vulnerable against anti-social and damaging content on the social web. It makes the internet a safer and more enjoyable place to interact and explore by profiling user behaviour and analysing content, removing any it deems to be potentially harmful.

Our Welfare Policy was created to ensure that when those who have been affected by cyber abuse come to our attention and that sufficient support and care is provided. We spend over 10% of our global revenues on social welfare issues and support. In support of the Anti-Bullying Alliance initiatives we use our “Power for Good”.

So we work in partnership with charities and welfare groups who specialise in the protection and welfare of children and young people who have been affected by cyber abuse, and upon identification of those people, we inform those support groups to provide the care that individual needs. If you are a support organisation that helps youngsters who are troubled by cyber abuse then contact us and we will talk about a potential collaboration.


SafeToNet is proud to be a member of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) which provides the UK internet Hotline for the public and IT professionals to report criminal online content in a secure and confidential way. We are intent on playing a strong role in the fight against online child abuse and the distribution of indecent images and content.

SafeToNet is delighted to be a member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance. The partnership with ABA strengthens our desire to combat all forms of bullying and has brought us closer to other organisations with the same goals. We are happy to be an official sponsor for the 2016 Anti-bullying Week taking place in November.

SafeToNet is partnering with Internet Matters to strengthen safety and security online and ensure education on internet safety is readily available to all.

SafeToNet is a signatory of iRights which works for the right of young people to be supported and given access to digital technologies creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly.

SafeToNet is working alongside OK Our Kids to ensure the right education is provided in schools on how to keep children safe, with a particular focus on internet safety and how to deal with cyber bullies, grooming and radicalisation online.


SafeToNet has a duty to protect the vulnerable. It’s sole purpose is to identify threats, block those that harm (including their content) and safeguard anyone that wishes to be protected from cyber risks. It is ignorant of race, culture, sexuality and status.

SafeToNet recognises that everyone irrespective of age has a right to privacy and respect.

We are all different but none of us has a right to harm, abuse or put at risk another person. But we are often brought up differently and therefore have alternate views. We come from different cultural and ethical backgrounds; we are unique.

SafeToNet has to be aware and tolerant of these differences irrespective of where in the world its users are based, and so it has additionally founded a dedicated Ethics Committee. The committee are empowered to assess, determine and direct corporate policy on all ethical matters that if not considered well could lead to hurt, pain and ill-judged outcomes (caused by software with artificial and not real intelligence).

The Ethics Committee is funded by SafeToNet Limited to ensure its quality and depth but cannot be and is not influenced by SafeToNet’s commercial aspirations or concerns.

The Ethics Committee meets both regularly and sporadically as determined by the challenges given to it.