SafeToTalk is a safe place to talk confidentially with experts about concerns and problems users are facing. Parents and youngsters can interact via text message, IM, call and video chat about any issues affecting their lives. The service is totally confidential, free and available 24 hours a day. Book mark this page and come back soon.

At SafeToNet we know first hand the troubles that millions of families face every day and especially with issues such as depression, bullying, isolation, exclusion and more. It isn’t just the youngsters that suffer. Parents struggle too. From worrying about a Son who has gone quiet and won’t leave his room to an aggressive teenager who thinks the whole world is against her. Family pressures are often extremely stressful and yet who can you talk to , who will listen and who will understand? You can talk about anything and everything. Youngsters, this is also a good place to go to report bad stuff you are seeing and hearing such as cyberbullying. You can remain anonymous or be as open as you wish. You won’t be judged and your confidentiality will always be protected.

SafeToTalk is designed to help you. We are testing this new part of our service but it won’t be long before it is available. Imagine it as a 24×7 link to your best friend who will always listen, understand and give sound advice. Yu can talk to people who can empathise and who can guide on the best way to handle your troubles. The people you will talk to care. They don’t work for SafeToNet but instead are carers drawn from support and welfare groups from around the world. They are there to help so lean on them. The service is fully funded by SafeToNet and is free to you so use it as you wish and as you need. Take care.