Press release: SafeToNet to host MWC in London

  • MWC 2020: Mental Wellbeing for Children 
  • Taking place on 27th February 2020, 4-7pm at Casa Brindisa, South Kensington (full address below) 
  • New suite of digital wellness features announced, first of their kind in child safeguarding
  • Guests to include child safety experts, from academia, government, third sector and world of #SafetyTech

Multi award-winning cyber safety company SafeToNet are bringing the Mobile World Congress to London. MWC 2.0: Mental Wellbeing for Children will bring together though leaders from across the world of #SafetyTech at South Kensington’s Casa Brindisa, with Catalan-themed canapés and refreshments.

SafeToNet will unveil a brand-new suite of features (see screenshots below) centred around digital safety and wellbeing for children, believed to be the first of their kind in the world. Designed to inform and educate both children and parents, the app’s new features include: 

  • High risk apps –shows parents and children the 5 apps where the child is showing greatest signs of risk. Messages analysed – the app displays analysed and messages and displays patterns of risk and harm for both parents and children. 
  • Hours of the day – showing users the hours of the daythat messages are written, in 3-hour sections to protect the child’s privacy, giving parents powerful insights into when their child is most active and potentially at risk. 
  • Safety indicator – records how the child’s safety level trends towards or away from risk and harm throughout the day. 
  • Face wheel – allows the child to record how they are currently feeling, helping them over time to understand when they are likely to send messages with higher risk. 
  • Wellness Practices – provides supportive audio guides that help a child deal with bullying, low self-esteem and more in real time, as the software detects risks and harm.
  • Emotion Dashboard – allows the child to record their emotional state and be offered audio guides to help them. 
  • Positive reinforcement – offers the child positive reinforcement when they record a positive emotion, promoting digital wellbeing and happiness online. 
  • Explore the signs – advises the parent if their child is trending towards risk and provides a series of symptom checkers, intelligently guiding parents to understand the nature of the risk and advise them on how best to deal with it.

SafeToNet CEO Richard Pursey said: 

Our mission is to keep children safe online, wherever they are in the world. Nothing can get in the way of that. So when Mobile World Congress 2020 was cancelled, we had no choice but to bring MWC to London. This is the world’s first child safety and digital wellbeing app. At a time when there are as many, if not more, dangers and perils in the virtual world as there are in the real world, it is more important than ever before for parents and guardians to safeguard their children. Our new features make that possible.” 

The SafeToNet app is available on the App StoreGoogle Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

For more information please contact: 

Jacob Moreton and Daniella Steadman at Borkowski | | 0203 176 2700


Event address 

7-9 Exhibition Road 
South Kensington 
SW7 2HE 

Event timings 

4pm: Guests arrive 
4.30pm: Presentations from SafeToNet 
5-7pm: Networking, refreshments, live music 

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About SafeToNet

SafeToNet is a multi-award-winning cyber safety company and global authority in online safeguarding. The pioneering SafeToNet app uses artificial intelligence to detect and filter predatory risks, like bullying, grooming, abuse and aggression, online in real-time, helping children deal with the mental health issues associated with living in a digital world.  The SafeToNet app is available on the App StoreGoogle Play Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store


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