What measures do you take to ensure my child’s privacy rights?

At SafeToNet we take our duty to respect the privacy rights of those who use the SafeToNet Services extremely seriously. We have devoted considerable time, resources and expense to establish a robust governance structure managing privacy and data security considerations.

Privacy considerations as well as adopting a child centric approach have been at the heart of the development of the SafeToNet solution. As a result, the SafeToNet technology includes the following ‘privacy-by-design’ measures:

  • Purposefully allows the child to remove their software;
  • Explains to the child what the software does and how it affects them with simplified terms;
  • Uses passcodes to pair the parent and child’s device to help prove physical closeness of the two devices and thereby help to evidence the relationship of the parent and child;
  • Has designed its software through the eyes of the child rather than through the eyes of the parent. This contrasts with other tools similar to SafeToNet who might instead give the parent the ability to see content that is private to the child;
  • Gives the child the chance to rectify a mistake without a parent being informed.

If you wish to know more, we have created a section solely on privacy for you here. Please also watch our video as it explains how our software balances the need of a parent to safeguard their child whilst always respecting rights to privacy.


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