SafeToNet Box - Transparent - v.1.2

SafeToNet isn’t ready for full-scale use yet. It’s currently being tested by families from around the world and they aren’t quite finished (all good things comes to those that wait but without being rude we do wish they’d get on with it!). We’ll let you know when you will be SafeToNet. In the meantime why don’t you put your name on the list and we’ll keep you informed of progress (don’t worry, we won’t give your name to anyone else, we aren’t like that).

So, What’s it all about?

SafeToNet is an app that you buy and load onto your family’s phones and mobile devices. It’s easy to set up, you’ll love it.

It safeguards you and your family from seeing stuff you don’t want to. Like public images of beheadings or killings (yes, they are on Facebook and other places). It stops cyberbullies from hurting your kids. It prevents sexting and can identify if you are friends with someone online who is not who they say they are. Essentially it blocks harmful content before it is seen. It’s the next generation of parental controls and its really very clever.

But we want you and in particular your Kids to know that SafeToNet does NOT snoop. We know of another company or two that does that. But you and your kids have rights and want privacy. We all do. So our clever software does not read your messages. Instead it interprets them. It tells you as a parent if there are any risks you should be aware of and Kids, if you are reading this then we have GREAT NEWS. SafeToNet gets your parents off your back. Hurrah! You’re free at last. Phew!

So, what does it actually do?

SafeToNet tracks user behaviour to determine character patterns, mood changes, and connection anomalies to predict future behaviour and limit risk factors.
SafeToNet can determine the sentiment behind online communication and can tell the difference between banter and aggression. Using Artificial Intelligence and cognitive analytics it can put connections and messages into context.
SafeToNet allows you to parent each of your children individually with tolerance levels customisable to each child, so if you want to allow your 14 year old son to use profanities but not your 8 year old daughter, that’s ok!
SafeToNet proactively and in real time blocks harmful, aggressive or abusive content from being both sent and received.
SafeToNet tracks social media trends to pre-emptively determine risk levels of trends sweeping the internet, such a viral challenges and hashtags. It can also patten mood trends both individually and on a geographical scale to put behaviour into context, and advises you if it thinks a risk exists.
SafeToNet can detect nudity and violence in real time and will remove and block according to a guardian’s tolerance levels
Time Blocks are available for when a guardian chooses to limit their child’s use of certain sites and applications.
SafeToNet can monitor the social connections each child has, determining whether that connection is a potential risk and taking appropriate action (blocking, reporting etc) upon that connection if required.
SafeToNet monitors both incoming and outgoing messages from your child’s device to ensure that harmful content is not being distributed or received. If harmful messages are detected, they are blocked BEFORE reaching the intended recipient.
SafeToNet doesn’t snoop on your child’s content, and so neither can you, but it does send reports and summaries of your child’s behaviour, social media presence and device and application usage. It also reports on the connections your child has and how much content was blocked from reaching your child.
SafeToNet understands that sometimes messages are sent in the heat of the moment without full consideration of the consequences. Therefore it allows your child to recall any messages sent that the software has deemed to be potentially harmful within a certain time-frame. If they choose not to recall that message, it will be blocked and you will be alerted.


You can safeguard your close family (up to 5 people) for £6/$10 a month or £60/$90 for a full year in advance and on as many devices as you like. There are no other costs. How refreshing. We also offer a referral system. If you recommend SafeToNet to your friends then we will give you a 10% discount off your next bill. Nice.


We know how worrying it is to be in the teaching profession when students bring their own device into school (legitimately or otherwise). There are so many safeguarding concerns as the risks are huge. From cyberbullying to accessing inappropriate content. From sexting to grooming. It’s all very challenging. So at SafeToNet we have tried to make life safer and easier for everyone from the educational team to the welfare officers and of course to the students themselves.

The SafeToNet for Schools service is designed to safeguard the entire technology fabric of a school environment. It blocks harmful content from being seen and is the perfect tool for understanding risk and preventing danger. You can manage the mobile devices of all students, you can manage what they can access and when. You can restrict access to their phones automatically using a central management system that allows time blocks during lessons and other activity-specific moments. You can see who is being bullied and by who. You can block access to certain web sites and even plot the emotions of the students under your care. By identifying those that are vulnerable and at risk you can enhance your safeguarding skills across your entire education infrastructure.

For more detail on the SafeToNet for Schools service please contact us.


Are you SafeToNet with? Is your office a SafeToNet environment?

SafeToNet technologies can be embedded as a service by companies who are looking to safeguard their client base. If you allow your users to interact then you need SafeToNet’s automated moderation services where content and users are filtered automatically.

If you are a social network you should be safeguarding both your own users and your reputation. You can embed the SafeToNet filters directly into your own technology and enhance your own reputation and profile.

If you are an ISP, broadband provider or network operator then you should replace your parental filters with software that can safeguard users on the social web. Parental controls are simply not good enough for the modern digital age.

If you provide wifi access to your clients or employees then why aren’t you safeguarding them with SafeToNet technologies? If you are an airport, a restaurant, a hotel or anywhere with public areas then SafeToNet technologies are perfect for you.

Please do get in touch and find out how we can help you.