ibuy | SafeToNet stores open!

This is a very special day, and yet another first for SafeToNet, as we are proud to announce the opening of the first ibuy | SafeToNet store in Hattingen, Germany. This move is the first of its kind, in which SafeToNet is bringing cyber-safety to German highstreets in cooperation with our smartphone retail partner ibuy. 

Here’s a first look at the stores, introduced by our CEO Richard Pursey:

ibuy | SafeToNet store in Hattingen, Germany

The relationship between ibuy and SafeToNet is a special one, as it is all about keeping children safe online and bringing a family wide understanding of the digital word and its associated risks to our customer base in Germany. SafeToNet is using its safeguarding expertise and knowledge to ensure the ibuy | SafeToNet store staff are informed and kept up to date on this pernicious problem and solutions to it.

There will be over 100 ibuy | SafeToNet stores across Germany in the near future, in which families are able to get advice and guidance from trained and knowledgeable ibuy staff on a range of safety topics. Furthermore, parents are now able to walk into an ibuy | SafeToNet store and buy phones for their children, pre-configured with SafeToNet safeguarding software, so that they are safe “out of the box”.

In addition to all this, our ibuy | SafeToNet customers will be able to purchase in-store annual subscriptions to “SafeToPlay”, which provides award-winning and BAFTA-nominated content provided by our partner Azoomee, with a safe and fun learning environment for children all over Germany. Kids love Azoomee because it hosts numerous games and TV shows created especially for them, new content is constantly uploaded, there are no in-app purchases which beguile them into spending their pocket money, and they can play offline as well as online, so they are not always stressing about their data allowance.

We believe that all this demonstrates our commitment to building the safer internet that our children have a right to and deserve. Download the SafeToNet safeguarding and wellbeing app from the app store of choice.


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