SafeToNet is a social enabler. It lets you enjoy cyber space.

Walk tall young man!


SafeToNet is pretty clever and as each day goes by it assesses, learns, improves and grows. In fact it’s building in real-time one of the world’s biggest data sets of social interactions, patterns and outcomes. This really is BIG DATA.

To be honest, the first time you use SafeToNet, it’s pretty useless (gulp!). It doesn’t do much (mmm). This is because it has to get to know you, to understand you and to appreciate who you are and what you are like. Imagine meeting someone for the first time, it takes a while to get to know them, right? Well SafeToNet is the same. It has to get to know you so it can look after you. The more it knows, the safer you will become. It learns your behaviour patterns, your digital characteristics and over time (and the time depends on how active you are online), it is able to predict how you will react when you see content and read messages. It knows what you are happy to see and read, and what you aren’t. It then starts to block the bad stuff. How great is that!

Once it knows you (and we call that behavioural patterning), it can tell if you start acting out of character. Maybe you have gone quiet, or perhaps your mood has changed. Maybe you have become angry or sad. SafeToNet can tell (it is probably the best digital friend you will ever have, nice!). It then uses additional analytical techniques to contextualise what has changed. We call that anomaly behaviouring (rubbish English eh!).


So, having worked out what you are all about (and what a friendly and nice person you are), SafeToNet starts to analyse what you do and when you do it. It analyses who you interact with, when, for how long and starts to protect them too. It analyses content and searches for certain words and phrases which it can contextualise. It starts to get really clever at this point. It soon learns when you are having fun (banter) and when you become aggressive (arguments). It can tell if you are upset and if so, it starts to heighten its analytical processes and goes into hyper-drive (just like Star Trek) to keep you safe.


“I knew you would do that”. We say that to the people we know don’t we. SafeToNet does the same. It statistically measures what typically happens when you message someone (what words you use, how many you use etc.) and then applies probability analytics to measure how accurate it is at predicting you reactions. If it’s right it remembers, and if it is wrong, it learns and adapts. It doesn’t take long before it knows more about you than you do (now, that is a bit scary isn’t it! – don’t worry, it only does it to safeguard and help you. It’s there to look after you – no more, no less).


More thrust Scotty!

The important thing to know is that SafeToNet is built on a super-duper powerful computing platform. It’s rugged, strong, dependable and big, very big. Not small but huge. And it’s solid, solid as a rock der der der der der (couldn’t resist, now that’s going to be in your head all day, sorry!).

SafeToNet’s engine room has to be huge because it does a ton of things in real time. It analyses, compares, patterns, predicts and blocks (if required). It does that without you even knowing, it’s that quick. To be able to do that it has to have warp factor 10 mega-power. The thrurb winder has to connect to the sproggle ratchet so that the over hang under throng works at full throttle. We think you know what we mean but just in case, here are some layman’s terms aimed particularly at our marketing team (!):

SafeToNet analyses millions of incoming and outgoing messages every day. It never rests and it has a memory like an elephant. It looks for what we call “human attack patterns”. It looks out for the bad stuff by spotting anomalies in good behaviour. When it spots something it gets all excited and flexes its muscles somewhat. As it learns it gets bigger, more accurate and more powerful. It does that using a rock solid, industrial strength, best of breed tier 1 infrastructure. This really is some of the best stuff you can get in technoland. Of course this sort of thing isn’t cheap but we don’t mind that. To be the best you have to have the best, we like that and amazingly so does our CFO (who would have thought that?).

The SafeToNet infrastructure is spread around the world and geographically is probably not that far away from you right now. It uses Hadoop clustering (woop woop) to boost the speed of its data analysis applications. It’s extremely scalable so if everything suddenly goes bonkers and the big data become ginormous data, the systems can handle it. So if a cluster’s processing power is overwhelmed by growing volumes of data, additional cluster nodes are added to increase throughput. Bit like putting more coal on the fire. Our Hadoop clusters are highly resistant to failure because every tiny or massive piece of data is copied onto other cluster nodes in real time which makes sure that the data is not lost if one node fails.

So, all in all it’s really rather good. Beam me up.