SafeToNet exists to help parents make their children's digital world a safer place.


SafeToNet adopts a privacy-by-design approach with its software and throughout its business.

It uses pioneering Artificial Intelligence to automate the safeguarding process. The software runs on your child’s device and never sends any of your child’s messages or content to the cloud. SafeToNet cannot see – and neither can parents – what a child is typing, who they are messaging or what they are looking at.

SafeToNet stores patterns of the child’s online behavior as anonymized, encrypted, encoded data. 


SafeToNet is available for free for 2 weeks.  We will notify you in advance when your free trial period is about to end. At that time, you can cancel your subscription without charge or enter into either a monthly or annual license agreement.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Each subscription allows parents to connect up to 20 of their children’s devices.

The SafeToNet app is available in several countries. For pricing, please see the relevant country’s app store. The cancellation periods outlined in your local app store applies.

If SafeToNet is not available in your region please do contact us so that we can prioritize our development schedule. SafeToNet currently operates in British  and American English, and German. A Spanish and Catalan version is currently being trialled and will be available soon.

SafeToNet partners with network providers and manufacturers to offer the service via their own channels. Contact SafeToNet for more details on current partner offers. 

Installing SafeToNet

Installing SafeToNet should be a family affair. Involve your child at all stages of the installation process. This helps them understand you are protecting their privacy and not spying on them. It is also crucial that you get their ‘buy-in’. This will help them trust the process, the software and you.

We suggest the following tips when installing the software with your child by your side:

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Choose the right moment. Ideally this will be a time when your child is well rested and in a good mood. Allow 5 to 10 minutes so you can explain that the SafeToNet software is there to keep them safe online.

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Tell them why you are doing this. You want to keep them safe because you love them. It is not to spy on them or snoop into their online world.

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Tell them that nobody can see what they are typing, what they are looking at or who they are talking to and that the software operates on their device and not in the cloud (they will know what the cloud is even if you don’t!).

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Tell them that SafeToNet actually helps to get you ‘off their back’ as it means you know they are safer online and will be less inclined to continually ask them what they are doing and who they are talking to!

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Ask them to install the software on their device and with you sitting next to them. The installation process asks their permission to do various things on and they should know they can say no at any time. It is really important that you both understand what the SafeToNet software does and does not do.

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Tell them they can remove SafeToNet at any time but that the software will inform you that they have done so.

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Tell them that SafeToNet is there to help them be safer online but they must come and talk to you at anytime if things are happening online that are worrying them.

How to Install

SafeToNet has to be installed on both the parents’ and the child‘s smartphones. Once the software is set up it will pair the devices together. 
 SafeToNet operates on any Apple or Android mobile device that supports iOS 11 or higher and Android 6 or higher.
Parent Device

Download the SafeToNet app onto your device. Click “Parent’s device” to proceed and create your user account. Once your account is created you can add your child’s devices by pressing “+” on your dashboard. As you soon as you see an 8-digit security code you are ready to move on to setting up your child’s device.

Child Device

Ask your child if you can sit with them as they download and install SafeToNet onto their device. This is a process that does require your child’s permission, no matter their age, and gives you both an opportunity to discuss how the SafeToNet software works and how it protects your child’s rights to privacy.

Once downloaded, tap “Child’s device” and follow the instructions to set up the device.


Enter the 8-digit code generated on your parent’s device and you will be connected to your child’s device. Your set-up is now complete.

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