SafeToNet, the multi award-winning cyber safety company is safeguarding children from bullying, grooming, abuse and aggression online.

The pioneering SafeToNet app uses artificial intelligence to detect and filter predatory risks in real-time. When a risk is detected the app provides digital wellbeing audio guides that help children deal with the issues associated with living in a digital world.  


Benefits to Children

Makes them safer online while respecting their privacy

Parents never get to see what their child is typing

The keyboard blocks harmful outgoing messages before the damage is done

Gives real-time advice and guidance on cyber safety topics

Provides breathing exercises when signs of anxiety and fear have been detected

Audio practices assist with issues of low self-esteem, bullying, anxiety and more

Emotion diary helps children to articulate and analyze their feelings 

…and more

Benefits to Parents

Provides powerful insights into a child’s digital world without snooping or spying

Shows the typical moments in a day when high risk messages are sent 

Provides a dynamic safety indicator that shows a child’s proximity to risk

Lists the top 5 apps in use by their child where levels of safety can be improved

Allows real-time identification of online issues as they arise  

… and more



It’s all too easy for a child – in the heat of the moment – to send a message that might be used against them or cause themselves and others harm. It’s easy to be provoked into sending retaliatory messages, in the hope that the bullying will stop. And it’s all too easy for a private intimate message to be made public when a relationship goes wrong.

SafeToNet’s Intelligent Keyboard is there to help and acts as a real-time safeguarding assistant that educates your child to become a safer digital citizen. It analyzes in real-time what they are typing and guides them in-the-moment if risks arise. Crucially it will filter any harmful outgoing messages before they are sent and any damage is done.

When the keyboard detects a risk it changes color and sends a friendly alert. It looks for signs of anxiety, stress, dark thoughts and bullying. This includes the bullied and the bully. The color reflects the seriousness of the messages it has analyzed using amber and red to guide on risk and purple if it senses your child might be feeling low and in need supportive guidance.


As the keyboard detects signs of risk it also provides your child with supportive and helpful advice.

The cards provide tips on how to stay safer online and also provide positive reinforcement when things are going well.

The cards provide links to more detailed safety advice plus additional helpful content.


The software also senses when things are going well and safety levels are improving.  



It’s pretty tough for a child living in the digital world: not getting enough likes; fear of missing out; abuse and aggression; self-image issues; exclusion and demands for inappropriate images etc.

It all adds up and parents often don’t understand how to help, resorting to taking away the phone or digitally grounding their child. That often makes matters worse. Children find it can be awkward talking to parents about online issues. They feel like parents don’t understand what they are going through.

That is why SafeToNet includes a digital wellbeing assistant that provides audio guides to help children in-the-moment when they are stressed, anxious or just simply need to hear a friendly voice. When the keyboard detects signs of aggression, low self-esteem and other issues, it offers your child an ever-increasing range of audio-based wellbeing practices including:

  • How to deal with bullying
  • Coping with loneliness
  • Dealing with anger
  • Breathing exercises to promote relaxation…

…and more.


The Emotion Diary is a personal and private space for your child to record in detail the nature and extent of their feelings. It is completely private to the child.

It has been clinically proven that writing about our feelings can help us better understand them. It can support us when we are anxious, lonely and lost and help us better deal with our inner feelings. It is easy to get upset when we read an unkind message or see an unpleasant post online.

This is why the SafeToNet Emotion diary exists. It helps children to put structure to their worries; allowing children to write about them, rather than bottling them up. It helps them to identify patterns in their own behavior and correlate those patterns to how they send messages to others online.

By using the SafeToNet “Face Wheel” – an avatar that changes expression as the child selects their mood – your child records how they feel and how often.



SafeToNet provides both children and parents with powerful insights that show how the child’s safety levels have moved over the last 24 hours.

The dynamic chart shows trends and patterns in behavior and helps a parent to better understand when their child is most commonly at risk. It can help parents to correlate events in their child’s offline world with issues that arise online. For example, it might show a child is most at risk on Saturday afternoons when they are out with their friends or maybe those evenings when they are alone in their room.

Note that this summary is the only information we share with the parent – and the child sees this graph too. The detailed content of what the child writes remains private to the child.


When SafeToNet detects a significant increase in a child’s online risk, an alert is sent to the parent’s phone. SafeToNet’s Explore the Signs feature helps parents to identify and understand what the problem may be.

Parents are guided through an interactive symptoms checklist that ultimately provides tailored advice and guidance. Once a problem is better understood, the SafeToNet app helps to support a healthy and more informed conversation between parents and their children.  



Advice and guidance prompts are widely accessible across the SafeToNet solution and are key to promoting a family-wide understanding of the digital world and its associated risks.

The child can access resources directly through the keyboard, which will link them in-the-moment to advice based upon risks the software has detected.

Parents can also search for specific advice that has all been curated by SafeToNet’s team of safeguarding experts as well as specialists from the SafeToNet Foundation, the UK’s registered safeguarding charity sponsored by SafeToNet.

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