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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about. However, if you cannot find what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

What is SafeToNet?

SafeToNet’s award-winning software, uses AI technology to help safeguard children and young people from online risks such as bullying, extortion, abuse and aggression. It helps prevent the young from making mistakes online by filtering harmful messages from being sent on social networks and messaging apps. It is SafeToNet's primary aim to help families all over the world to address ever evolving risks and help develop children's understanding of online safety.

Who is SafeToNet for?

SafeToNet’s technology was created as a tool to support parents and legal guardians all over the world safeguard their children against risks online. Our app aims to empower children and young adults to explore the internet and establish relationships in a safer environment, whilst keeping them from placing themselves in a position of risk. For this, we have developed an app that uses advanced technology and natural language processing to detect online concerns, allowing parents to be alerted of this in real time.

How does SafeToNet work?

SafeToNet uses industry leading technology, including artificial intelligence, to analyse and filter messages that children send online. Computers are better than humans at detecting changes to behavioural patterns, which is exactly what the SafeToNet software does. It looks for risks that can hurt or harm children, and links those risks to behavioural patterns to identify areas of concern. Please note, the software never shows to parents or guardians what children send or share, as the process is fully automated.

In which countries can I find the app?

We are currently in the UK and Germany, with more countries along the way. The SafeToNet team is working very hard to deliver the app in many more countries to help safeguard your children’s digital world wherever you are.

What kind of device can I use and what is the compatibility of the app?

You are able to explore the SafeToNet app on any model or make as long as it is a mobile device that runs on Android 6 or higher, or a mobile device that runs on Apple iOS 10 or higher.

Although we have plans to extend this in the future, SafeToNet is currently not compatible with PC and gaming consoles.

Which is the price of the SafeToNet App?

As we understand that every family is different, SafeToNet offers you the opportunity to join either a monthly subscription for £2.99/month or an annual subscription for £31.99/year. One subscription is enough for the entire family with the ability to add up to 20 children’s devices to your parent account.

Additionally, as we want you to be able to explore the app before joining, when registering to SafeToNet you will be able to enjoy 2 weeks for free to trial out SafeToNet and all its features.

How can I download & install SafeToNet?

You can download the SafeToNet app from the Google Play Store for Android devices here and from the App Store for Apple iOS devices here.

What measures do you take to ensure my child’s privacy rights?

SafeToNet takes its duties to respect the privacy rights of those who use the SafeToNet Services extremely seriously. It has devoted considerable time, resources and expenses to establish a robust governance structure managing privacy and safeguarding considerations.

Privacy considerations as well as adopting a child centric approach have been at the heart of the development of the SafeToNet Services and the technology that supports those services. As a result, SafeToNet includes the following measures:

  • Purposefully allows a child to remove its software;
  • Explains to a child what the software does and how it affects them with simplified terms;
  • Uses passcodes to pair a parent and child’s device to help prove physical closeness of the two devices and thereby help to evidence the relationship of the parent and child;
  • Has designed its software through the eyes of the child rather than through the eyes of the parent. This contrasts with other tools similar to SafeToNet who might instead give the parent the ability to see content that is private to the child;
  • Gives a child the chance to rectify a mistake without a parent being informed.

Can I see the content that my child is seeing, sending and receiving?

SafeToNet’s goal is to act as a safeguarding tool to help open the dialog between parents and children about the issues that may arise when exploring the online world. We exist to raise the child’s awareness and to notify parents, encouraging conversation, while respecting the younger ones’ privacy. Our app upholds the value of a child’s right to privacy, this is why it never shares any of the content the child is sending or receiving with the parents. As a parent, you will not be able to see the content of any messages sent by your child unless they willingly choose to show you. Only when appropriate, we inform parents as to the types or themes of concern raised by a child’s behaviour or interactivity.

Does SafeToNet filter text sent to my child?

No, the app does not filter content your child may receive. Data protection and privacy laws determine that filtering the content sent by a person who has not agreed to use the software is illegal. The more children and teenagers use SafeToNet, the less likely it becomes that your child may receive harmful content from other minors.

What kind of content is the SafeToNet keyboard filtering?

Currently, SafeToNet technology primarily targets content of sexual and aggressive nature, as a tool to help parents safeguard their children against cyberbullying and sexting. Additionally, the keyboard can detect the so-called ‘Dark Thoughts’ which include content hinting at depression or anxiety.

SafeToNet differs from other safeguarding tools in a way that it seeks to empower children to navigate the online world with safeguards in place, while educating them about risks online. The keyboard seeks to help children gain awareness of possible risks while communicating online.

How many child devices can I add per account?

Here at SafeToNet we understand that each family holds their own story. With this at heart, by joining SafeToNet each parent will be granted the ability to add a total of 20 child devices on their parent account.

How many parent accounts can be added per subscription?

As a parent you will be able to have 1 parent account per subscription, this account however can run on different devices simultaneously.

Please note, for security reasons we recommend immediately resetting your password should a device be lost or stolen.

How can I set up a new account?

So, you are now in the installation process. Please don’t worry, as we have put together a visual installation guide to make this process as seamless and easy as possible for you.

Should you at any point face any difficulties or have any pending questions, please do not hesitate in reaching out to our Support Team here. We are always happy to personally guide you through this process!

Why am I asked to provide my child's details when creating an account?

SafeToNet takes its duties to respect the privacy rights of its users extremely seriously. When creating a child’s profile, we will ask for a name for the device user (i.e., Amy), a device name (i.e., iPhone), the date of birth and the gender of the child. The first two are just a way for you to create an alias for your child’s device to recognise it on your dashboard. You can use a nickname for your child if you prefer.

Knowing your child's gender and age allows us to better safeguard them as we can target potential trends in relation to cyber-bullying, grooming and other online threats that occur gender specifically.

How can I see whether my child's device is successfully connected to the parent device

On the parent dashboard you will find little dots at the top of every picture. If the dot is green and your child's profile picture is clear, you can then be sure that you have successfully connected your child’s device. A child's profile that hasn't been connected properly will show: a red dot on top of the child’s profile picture, the picture background will be red, and it will display an exclamation mark icon.

A step-by-step guide is also available on page 26 of our SafeToNet Android Handbook or on page 25 of our SafeToNet Apple iOS Handbook.

After connecting my child’s device to mine, my child shows as disconnected again. What happened?

If your child’s device has successfully been connected to your device upon installation, the following factors should be considered when the child’s device appears disconnected:

  • It could be that the SafeToNet keyboard has been removed from your child’s device.
  • Perhaps another keyboard has been installed alongside the SafeToNet keyboard.
  • Possibly full access has not been given to the SafeToNet keyboard.
  • Maybe the location on your child’s device setting is set to ‘While Using the App’ instead of ‘Always’.
  • Or the SafeToNet app may have been removed from your child’s device.
If none of the above occurred, it could also be that your child’s device is in low power mode, has ran out of battery or has had a temporary loss of phone signal (e.g. airplane mode). Please bear in mind that the device re-connection could take up to 15 minutes to show in the parent dashboard.

Should this persist, please do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team here - our team is always happy to explore this further for you.

How can I allow full access to the SafeToNet keyboard?

To use the SafeToNet keyboard, and in order to avoid clashes, we will ask you to allow full access to our keyboard. This will also allow the SafeToNet keyboard to communicate the child’s location to the parent when this is requested by the child. To allow full access please tap on ‘Allow Full Access’ and you will direct your child to the keyboard page of their phone settings. Tap on ‘Keyboards’ and then toggle the button ‘Allow Full Access’.

In relation to Apple devices, it is also important to ensure that all other keyboards are removed from the child’s device. In this occasion, please rest assured that the SafeToNet app will automatically prompt a message on your child’s Apple device to remove any additional keyboards detected.

Can I regenerate the 8-digit code?

There are some circumstances in which you might need to regenerate the 8-digit code that had been used initially to connect your child’s device to your parent's device.

You as a parent are able to regenerate the code by simply tapping on the child’s profile you are trying to connect, and the system will prompt you to generate another code. Once the code has been generated, you as a parent will simply need to follow the same child onboarding steps completed initially.

A step-by-step guide is also available on page 22 of our SafeToNet Android Handbook or on page 21 of our SafeToNet Apple iOS Handbook.

What do the symbols on my dashboard mean?

As we understand that learning how a new app works can sometimes be a challenging process, we at SafeToNet have created a visual guide to help you explore it. The guide can be found on page 26 of our SafeToNet Android Handbook or page 25 of our SafeToNet Apple iOS Handbook.

What is the Self Learning Mode?

The Self Learning Mode is the initial period after the installation of SafeToNet and during which our technology is still learning and getting to know your child. We know that each child is unique and that everyone behaves and communicates differently. Therefore, the system requires a period of time during which it will learn and adapt to your child’s language and behaviour. It is possible that during this period words may be mistakenly flagged on your child’s device. Don’t worry, this means that the system is improving over time. Once this initial adaptation period ends, accuracy will improved.

What are the different notifications that SafeToNet sends me?

SafeToNet provides two different types of notifications to parents:

  • News: which will give you information about new apps, their risks, new online trends and new potential threats in the online world. You can find them in the bell icon in the centre of the parent dashboard.
  • Personalised notifications: which are directly related to your child’s activity on their device. It will for example alert you when your child removes any permission or the SafeToNet app from the device.

How can I recover my password?

To recover your password simply tap on ‘Forgot my Password’ button underneath your log in screen. You will be asked to provide the email address with which you have registered and insert the verification code that is sent to your email address. Now you will be able to generate a new password.

How can I manage my payment subscription?

Your payment subscription is managed by your mobile application platform – Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for Apple iOS devices. More information on how to manage, activate and cancel your account on Google Play Store can be found here and on App Store here.

Can my child remove the app from their device?

As we value the child’s rights to decide whether SafeToNet is the right tool for them, the child will always have the ability to remove the SafeToNet’s app from their device. However, please rest assured that parents will be notified if this occurs, opening a discussion around issues that may arise when exploring the online world.

If I log out from SafeToNet as a parent, will the connection between my child’s device and mine be lost?

Deciding to logout from the app on a parent’s device will not disconnect the child’s device from the parents. SafeToNet will continue to run on the child’s device normally.

If I lose my device as a parent, can I log in to SafeToNet from a different device?

As a parent you will be able to use your normal login credentials to enter your account on another device and this won’t disconnect your child’s device to yours. We do, however, recommend in case of a lost/stolen device to prompt a change in password, to avoid any breaches to yours and your child’s data stored on your profile.

Can I log in and use the parent account in different devices?

Yes, you can log into your parent account from other devices and use them simultaneously with the same account.

Please note, for security reasons we recommend immediately resetting your password should a device be lost or stolen.

What happens if I remove a child’s device from the parent’s account?

Removing a child’s device profile that hasn’t yet been successfully connected will not impact you in any way. However, if the connection had already been successfully completed, deleting it will break the connection between the parent’s and the child’s device.

Please bear in mind that this action can result in significant loss of profile information and statistics collected on that particular device.

How to Uninstall & Unsubscribe?

How to cancel my subscription with SafeToNet
Your payment subscription is managed by your mobile application platform – Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for Apple iOS devices. More information on how to manage, activate and cancel your SafeToNet account on Google Play Store can be found here and on App Store here.

How do I remove/delete SafeToNet from the parent & child device?
Android Devices
To uninstall SafeToNet from an Android device you can either: 1) tap and hold on the SafeToNet’s app on your device and drag it into the uninstall option that pops up on the top right corner of your device; or 2) you can do the following steps: Settings > Apps > SafeToNet > Uninstall.

Apple iOS Devices
Tap and hold on the SafeToNet’s app, enabling the X symbol to appear on the top left corner of the app. Tap the X symbol and the app will be successfully uninstalled from the device.

How do I remove a child’s device from the parent account?
To remove your child’s device from your account, tap on the child’s device you want to delete from your parent dashboard. Here, tap the device settings symbol in the top right corner, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Delete device’. Confirm the deleting of the child’s device with your account password.

Note: Device deletion can result in significant loss of profile information and statistics collected of that particular device.

How can I access native parental controls for Apple iOS and Android?

Parental controls are native features of your device that can help you manage your child's screen time. Feel free to use SafeToNet in pair with any of these features.

More information on how to access native parental controls for Apple iOS devices here and for Android devices here.

What does the full access warning message mean on iOS?

We know that everything you do on your device is private, and we have taken measures to ensure it stays that way. By granting Full Access to the SafeToNet keyboard, this does not mean everything you type is transmitted off your device, despite the warning message that shows when you allow the permission.

Anytime you allow a keyboard to have full access, Apple displays a warning that says the keyboard can transmit credit card numbers and passwords. However, most app and website developers mark password and credit card fields as “sensitive.” Apple blocks all third-party keyboards (including SafeToNet’s) from accessing any field marked sensitive, so in fact the keyboard cannot transmit that information to SafeToNet.

Do you transmit anything I type?
The SafeToNet Keyboard does not "transmit anything you type," as Apple’s warning message may lead you to think. Apple’s operating system generates that message and ignores how our keyboard works – as it does for other suppliers of intelligent keyboards.

We want to ensure you have no doubts about the way our keyboard works. None of the words you type are ever sent to your Parents or to SafeToNet. Only you see what you type and of course those you may be messaging. That warning message (which is displayed before you allow Full Access) is there to make sure you are aware of what is technically possible before making a decision about whether to trust SafeToNet. We have your best interests at heart. We are here to help keep you safe and have taken many measures to protect your absolute rights to privacy.

What exactly is Full Access used for?
We need Full Access because the SafeToNet Safeguarding Keyboard stores on your device its artificial intelligence algorithms, learnings about the way you type and your knowledge of online safety. Our algorithms run locally on your device and not in the cloud so your words and content are kept with you and not with us. Without this permission the keyboard would not be able to keep you safe.

To give you added peace of mind, you can delete the SafeToNet keyboard at any time albeit your parent will be alerted if you do this. They need to know as they chose to use SafeToNet to keep you safe.

We take user privacy very seriously, and all of the data that we handle is strictly guarded by our Privacy Policy. You can read it here