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How can I connect my parent device with my child device?

What is SafeToNet?

Who is SafeToNet for?

How does SafeToNet work?

How do you distribute your product?

Is SafeToNet a messaging app?

In which countries can I find SafeToNet?

What kind of device can I use and what is the compatibility of the app?

What kind of content is the SafeToNet keyboard filtering?

What is the subscription pricing for SafeToNet?

What is the SafeToNet Foundation?

What measures do you take to ensure my child’s privacy rights?

Can I see the content that my child is seeing, sending and receiving?

Does SafeToNet filter text sent to my child?

Why am I asked to provide my child’s details when creating an account?

How can I request data deletion?

How can I request for a copy of my personal data?

Do you share any data with third parties?

Are we GDPR compliant?

Do you offer a trial?

What is included in my SafeToNet subscription?

How can I manage my Payments & Subscriptions?

I have questions regarding my active subscription, who can I contact?

What kind of content is the SafeToNet keyboard filtering?

What does the full access warning message mean on iOS?

Do you transmit anything I type?

What exactly is Full Access used for?

How can I allow full access to the SafeToNet keyboard?

Can I regenerate the QR code/Magic Link?

What do symbols on my dashboard mean?

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