Want to design the next cyber security app to keep young people around the world safe when using the Internet?

Thank you for your interest in the Safer Internet Day Schools competition hosted by SafeToNet, Computing At School and the Park House Computing Hub. We are delighted that you and your school want to take part in developing ideas which will help to design the next cyber safety / security app to keep young people safe online.
Upon completion of the registration, you will be forwarded to a landing page which will enable you to download all relevant information for the competition as well as a pack including a helpful activity plan and templates.
“I agree and express my voluntary and informed consent that my personal data will be shared with SafeToNet, Computing At School and Park House School for the purposes of recording your registration and communication related to the Safer Internet Day Competition.”

Have you already signed up?

If you have already signed up but did not download the information pack, please click below to download the content now.

Details of the Competition:

There are competitions for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Key Stage 1 pupils will be asked to complete a short story board with their ideas, while pupils from Key Stage 2 will be asked to submit their creative ideas in the form of a creative writing piece.

This could be a poem, a short story or an illustration.

Once finished, you will be able to submit your pupils’ entries via a dedicated submission page. Details for how to submit entries is provided within the resource pack.

Prizes for competition winners and participants

All participating schools and pupils will receive:

The winning entries will receive the following additional prizes:

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