Net Nanny supports the aims of the

Holiday Activities and Food Programme (HAF) 2021

We are delighted to offer all participating families in Birmingham and West Berkshire with a 1-year free license to the Net Nanny safeguarding software, worth over £50.

Our contribution

This offer is designed to support and complement the HAF programme’s aims of developing young people’s wellbeing and back to school readiness.

Young people’s digital safety, confidence and wellbeing has never been more important than it is now, as the COVID-19 Pandemic has forced them to both learn and socialise increasingly online. The move towards a safer internet through innovate SafetyTech is something SafeToNet and Net Nanny are pioneering, and collectively want to ensure such technologies are accessible to as many families as possible.

Net Nanny Features

Net Nanny is the world’s first and longest standing Parental Controls software that provides protection for your children across all devices; Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Kindle, iOS and Android.
AI based Web Filter

The world’s #1-rated content filter. The filter uses AI to crawl over a web page and detect harmful content. It will even blur inappropriate words.

Notifications & Reports

Review detailed reports and set up alerts about a child’s online activity.

Screen time management

Allows parents to tailor their family’s screen time and set specific hours of the day when children can be online.

GPS Location tracker

Provides peace of mind and informs parents of their child’s primary mobile device location in real-time.

YouTube Monitoring

Allows tracking of YouTube video names, video length, view date and enables parents to review the video with a direct link to each viewed video.

Family Feed

Provides insights and visibility into a family’s online activity, in realtime and at a glance.


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