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This stuff is really important.

Does anyone actually read those thousand-page privacy policies? Not many. So, we’ve decided to make a MUCH shorter version, in plain simple language that will explain everything. But won’t take years…

Who are SafeToNet?

We are a company that provides technology to try and keep you safe when you’re online, using apps, and generally using your mobile device to connect and communicate with people. We have made an app that helps your parent or guardian understand how you are using your phone so they have a better chance of understanding when you might be in danger. There are many features of the App that are described below. Some are optional, so you can choose which ones to add and control how much information your parent or guardian receives on how you use your phone.

What type of data do we collect from you?

Your parents give us the following:
  • Your name (so your parents know it's you)
  • Your gender (so the software can understand you better)
  • Country of residence (so that we can comply with law)
  • Date of birth (so the software can understand you better)
  • Your school name and school post code (so that we can improve our advice and guidance)

Other than this, the data collected from you is either given to us by you directly or made by your mobile device and collected by us. The information collected through your phone is only ever obtained with permission from you or your parent.

Depending on your country of residence you are able to provide us with permission to use this information when you have a certain age. For example, in the UK and US this is the case when you are aged 13 or over, in Australia the minimum age is 15. If you are younger than the age of consent in your country of residence, your parent will be able to give their permission for us to use this information.

This data is kept whilst you use the App but when you ask us to erase it (take a look at the 'Your Rights' section below) and/or delete the App we will delete it from our live systems. This data is then kept on our back-up computers for 12 months and then deleted from there too. It's not used during those 12 months, just stored in a computer.

Other data we keep is anonymised, which means that neither we nor anyone else can link the data to you in any way.

SafeToNet Features

You and your parent can choose which of the features to include on your phone or tablet. You can remove the SafeToNet app at any time by deleting it or by contacting us using the details below. Just so you know, when the application is deleted from your device, your parent will get a notification to let them know.

The features include:

Text Checking

If you try and send a message the software thinks is inappropriate, it will filter out the words that could cause you harm. Your parent will not see the message. We will also give you advice and guidance on how you can be safer online and if you think that our filtering got it wrong, you can send the message to us so we can get it right next time. Note – if you do send us your message we won't be able to tell it came from you.


With the SafeToNet keyboard you can send your location to your parents. We will only share your location with your parents if you choose to do so.

Safety Indicator

The Safety Indicator looks at how you use your phone including the types of words you use when you type and the websites you go on. It then gives your parent or guardian suggestion about your digital safety and shows it on a graph. And, they won't ever see the messages you are receiving either. This feature is a way of helping parents or guardians understand what's going on so that they can help you be safer online.


This is a special area that teaches you approved mindfulness techniques and coping skills to help you develop self-confidence and emotional resilience while you explore the digital world.


Your consent is needed to allow us to use your data in certain ways and to allow certain features to work. For example, your consent is needed to use the Safety Indicator. This consent is provided by your parent or guardian on your behalf when you are under the age of consent in your country of residence but whatever age you are, you can stop our use of your data by deleting the App at any time or by letting us know. Take a look at the 'your rights' section below for more information.

Other important stuff about you

The SafeToNet app might collect some sensitive information. For instance, words in messages that relate to sex, religion, health or ethnic origin. As we say above we do our best to limit what we collect and who sees it. You are in control of that.

You can ask us to stop collecting your data whenever you like by contacting us on the details below. But if you do, the SafeToNet application won't work properly.

How do we use your data?

  • We mostly use your data to provide the SafeToNet service to you. But we might also use it to improve SafeToNet.
  • We only ever ask for information that we really need to know, and then only to make you safer.
  • We don't hide anything from you and if you don't want us to have your data, you can ask us to delete it at any time using the details below.
  • We fully understand and respect your privacy and will always protect your data.
Who will we share your data with?

We might share your data with people who help us run SafeToNet. We might also have to give information to official people like regulators.

Where we let others use your data we make sure they protect it in the same way that we do.

Sending data to other countries

We might need to send your data to other countries to be able to provide the SafeToNet services. Where we do this, we make sure that your data is given the same protection as it is the UK, when it travels to that new country and when it gets there.

How long do we keep your data for?

We only keep your data for as long as we need it and in accordance with laws.

Will my data be safe?

We will protect your data as much as we can against it being lost, damaged or stolen. We have special software to protect your data and we have given the people who work at SafeToNet lots of training to make sure they know how to protect it too.

Your rights

You have lots of rights when it comes to how other people use your data. These include:

  • You have a right to have further information on how your data is used and see what data is being used.
  • You have a right to ask us to stop using your data but sometimes we might still be allowed to use your data in the following instances (but remember, you can switch off SafeToNet at any time):
  • Where we legally need to keep the data.
  • Where keeping the data is in the interest of the public as a whole.
  • Where there is a legal claim.
  • You have a right to get back data you gave us.
  • You have a right to tell us if your information is wrong or incomplete and then we must correct it.
  • You have a right to ask us to delete or stop using your data but there will be some data that we are allowed to keep.
  • You have a right to not to have a computer make decisions about you without a human helping to make the decisions.
  • You can complain about how we have used your data.

If you want to use any of your rights listed above, please contact us using the details below and we will make sure that your rights are protected. If you are younger than the of consent in your country of residence your parent will need to do this for you.

Want to know more?!

  • You can reach us Monday to Friday from 9AM – 5PM (GMT).

Any question about SafeToNet, big or small, we want to help!

Contact us via the SafeToNet support page.


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