for when you aren't by their side.

SafeToNet exists to keep children safer online, full stop. With the increasing amount of Apps, platforms and services, offering embeddable safeguarding features to protect children online have become increasingly important.

That is why, we have made our safeguarding features available for partners to embed into their existing solutions.


SafeToNet has architected its technology with partnerships and software & device integrations in mind. Our safeguarding features can be provided as APIs, SDKs, and integrated web services.
Our experienced Business Development and Sales teams can help partners select and integrate specific technologies to enhance their current offering or provide a full suite of services as a complete turnkey product offering.

Licensing models are flexible giving partners the ability to integrate these best in breed technologies and their associated insights within their current services and offerings.

Web Content Filtering

SafeToNet offers the worlds #1 rated web filter.Our web filtering technologies utilize artificialintelligence to categorize and blockinappropriate content in real-time.
This feature can be used to protect children on websites, in social media apps, on YouTube and can even mask profanity on websites or social media apps.

Our content filtering functionality also enables robust reporting, these reports can be delivered to parents or guardians and include real-time notifications, search terms and blocked content reporting. In case of false positives, children can request the blocked content to be reviewed as the AI algorithms are constantly improving.

Mobile App Management

Our solutions also include features for mobile app management and include App blocking which enables blocking risky apps on children’s devices and app Summary reports which report on app usage and risky behaviour displayed per app.
These features allow for integration with theInsights reporting for AI based risk assessment based on the service used as well as the ability to act and block apps on which risky behaviour is displayed.

Scheduling & time allocation

SafeToNet offers effective and easy to use time management and scheduling functionalities.
Our management and scheduling functionalities allow for the implementation of schedules and curfews for devices and can instantly pause the use of a device or the access to the internet according to the schedule or time allocated.

Screen Time Management

Supporting our time management and scheduling functionality are our screen time management features.
SafeToNet offers easy to use screen time management tools, which enable tracking of screen time used and lets parents & guardians create schedules for daily or weekly screen time allocations.

Once screen time runs out, the internet access or even the device can be paused. Screen time tracking and reporting functionalities are also available from SafeToNet and go hand in hand with our time management, scheduling, and screen time features. Daily and weekly screen time reports are available to support healthy device usage.

Parental / Guardian insights

Providing intelligent insights is a core part of safeguarding children online. That’s why SafeToNet offers a range of insights to make sense of a child’s behaviour in the digital context.
Our range of insight features includes information on mobile app usage with app install or uninstall notifications, information on web searches and blocked content, as well as arrival or departure notification based on GPS location tracking of the child’s primary device. Of course, screen time usage insights are also available.

Furthermore, we provide more complex AI driven insights, which aim at relating a child’s online behaviour to possible risks or unsafe behaviour that is being displayed. Through our use of AI all inputs are contextualized to create holistic digital profile and recognize behavioural patterns. As more of our features are implemented the more valuable and complex are the insights.

Digital Wellbeing

When the Safeguarding Keyboard detects risks, our digital wellbeing features offer help when children may not feel able to reach out to anyone else.
They comprise audio guides and breathing exercises designed specifically for children. These features support a child’s mental wellbeing.

Last but not least, SafeToNet offers a wide range of educational advice and guidance articles for both children and parents & carers, which aim at levelling the playing field and promote a better understanding of the digital world.

Location Services

Location service features connect the real world with a child’s digital behaviour.
Through GPS tracking, the location of the child’s device can be displayed in real-time, while a location history is also available. These features give parents & carers peace of mind, as they can ensure that their child has arrived at their designated location.

Through geofencing technology, our location services are also able to send alerts when the device has arrived at previously defined locations such as school or a friend’s house.

On the reporting side, our locations services offer the ability to provide risk assessment reports based on the digital behaviour at previously named and saved locations. This offers the ability to correlate potential risky digital behaviour with the physical environment of the child.

Management for Safeguarding features

With our Management features we offer options for native mobile app for iOS and Android and a web-based dashboard available for any Internet enabled device.
This technology enables parents & carers to manage the previously listed safeguarding technologies and review the Insights reporting.

The native app and web dashboard act as a one stop shop to create rules for screen-time, manage content filtering or view inputs from our digital keyboard amongst others.

Other important features

Other safeguarding features offered by SafeToNet include uninstall and tampering prevention.
Here the installed safeguarding features are password protected and can only be uninstalled from a device using a master password.

This feature prevents children from de-installing the safeguarding software and therefore disabling the protection. Complementing this feature are our unseen device alerts, which notify parents & carers when a protected device has not been seen by the software or this device hasn’t checked in with the service.

Research & Development

SafeToNet employs an innovative and experienced Research & Development Team that is constantly looking to develop pioneering technology.
With many exciting new technologies in development, do not hesitate to approach us with concepts or ideas that fit your existing technology stack.
We look forward to connecting!


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