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SafeToNet is pioneering technology that educates children “in-the-moment” as they use their device. It is a safeguarding assistant that helps them become responsible and safe digital citizens.

Its power lies in a smart keyboard that detects risks in real-time. It steers children away from trouble by filtering harmful outgoing messages before they can be sent and any damage can be done.

SafeToNet prevents sexting, bullying, abuse and aggression.


The smart keyboard provides children with immediate feedback as they type, recognising signs of low self-esteem, doubt and dark thoughts.

The SafeToNet keyboard gives messages of support and guidance on how to deal with the issues of living in a digital world.

It’s a safeguarding buddy that’s there 24/7 looking out for your child and keeping them safe.


Growing up in a digital world is not easy. Sometimes your child may be feeling down, struggle with low self-esteem or have fears they are not ready to talk to others about. Perhaps they are being bullied or a friend is being unpleasant.

SafeToNet is there to provide audio practices that help with your child’s digital wellbeing. Offered both ‘in-the-moment’ when the Intelligent Keyboard identifies issues or at a time of your child’s choosing, the practices provide reassurance and soothing advice and support at a time when your child needs it the most.

Respects your child's privacy

SafeToNet always protects the privacy rights of your child. Nobody gets to see what your child is typing, sending or receiving. See our Privacy section for more details.

It does not snoop, spy or pry.


...and it helps you to better understand your child's digital world.

  • Provides invaluable insights into your child’s digital wellbeing.
  • Has a unique and dynamic Safety Indicator that gives a real-time view of your child’s movement towards and away from risk.
  • Shows you their patterns of safety and risk over a given time period and guides you on how to deal with and discuss anything challenging.
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