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Blog: Are you Cyber-Curious?

During this pandemic and national crisis, we have all been ordered to stay at home. Why? Because it’s the safest place to be right now. …

Blog: Bridging the Gap

There have been so many articles in the press about the impact that cyberbullying and grooming for sexual exploitation can have on children that no …

Blog: “Sticks and stones…

..may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. We all know this old adage which dates from the mid-1800s. The rhyme was meant as …

Blog: Safeguarding children online at home

Some thoughts from our Safeguarding lead on the extended school closure due to Covid-19 and online safety. We’ve all seen the headlines about the disastrous …

Grazia Daily: Researchers Have Analysed Children’s Texts And Found Out They’re Using Nando’s Terms As Slang For Sex

10-year-old girls were the most likely to engage in ‘harmful or explicit sexual references’, according to the study. Grazia Daily article here.

The Guardian: Nando’s-inspired sex slang used by girls as young as 10

Data based on texts of 50,000 children suggests ‘peri peri’ and ‘coleslaw’ not as innocent as parents may think. Guardian article here.

Press release: SafeToNet to host MWC in London

MWC 2020: Mental Wellbeing for Children  Taking place on 27th February 2020, 4-7pm at Casa Brindisa, South Kensington (full address below)  New suite of digital wellness …

Daily Express: Girls aged 10 are most sexually explicit online, say experts

GIRLS aged 10 use the most sexually explicit language when they text – but boys are more abusive and aggressive. Daily Express article here.

Press release: Safer Internet Day 2020: SafeToNet working with the Anti-Bullying Alliance…

SafeToNet raising awareness of dangerous content online  SafeToNet app is first to balance child safety with privacy Award-winning technology based on artificial intelligence offers peace …

Press release: Unique child safeguarding app new to market

Cologne, January 2020 – 750,000 predators are online at any given moment worldwide. A third of all children are exposed to sexual harassment online. Children …

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