Children can now stay connected and safer on their mobile devices with Chitter Chatter and SafeToNet

Chitter Chatter as a UK SafeToNet partner

We are delighted to have partnered with Chitter Chatter, one of the UK’s highest rated and most trusted mobile retailers. With 25 years’ experience of providing value to their customers through outstanding service levels and competitive pricing.

Chitter Chatter shares our values and mission of making the internet a safer place for children around the world. This partnership will allow Chitter Chatter’s UK customers to keep their children safer online, while always staying connected to what’s important to them, their friends and family.
Our CEO and Founder Richard Pursey welcomes this partnership:

“Our partnership with one of the UK’s most trusted mobile retailers enables us to make the internet a safer place for children with smartphones. By using SafeToNet, Chitter Chatter’s customers can protect their children from online harms, with smartphones that are “safe out of the box”. To have Chitter Chatter on board and putting child safety at the forefront is an important and welcomed move, and we encourage other mobile companies to follow suit.”

Chitter Chatter’s Sales & Marketing Director James Francis

“Finally we can provide a solution that allows our younger customers to engage socially online, while being protected from the kind of abuse we hear so much about in the press. As a successful UK company, it’s great to be working with another innovative UK organisation to put in place the safety features that should have been there in the first place.”

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