SafeToNet and Azoomee
join forces to create…

Azoomee as a SafeToNet Partner

SafeToNet is teaming up with award-winning learning platform Azoomee to launch SafeToPlay, an age appropriate and safe gaming and video content platform for children.

The partnership will launch in Germany first, where SafeToPlay will be available for purchase in ibuy’s 160 high-street telco stores across the country. Giving customers the opportunity to purchase the digital product in person, SafeToPlay is an app for children aged 5+ that gives families unlimited access to curated games and videos completely tailored to children. It will be sold alongside SafeToNet’s safeguarding software and in some cases will be bundled in as part of a phone and network contract package.

SafeToNet’s aim is to make the Internet a safer place for children to be, whatever their reason for using it, whether that be through communicating with friends and family, doing schoolwork, or for entertainment. This brand-new partnership with UK tech firm Azoomee highlights the importance of allowing children to explore, use their imagination and play online whilst also ensuring they’re doing so in the safest way possible and only accessing content that is appropriate for them.

Our CEO and Founder Richard Pursey welcomes this partnership:

“We want children across the world to be able to use the Internet to have fun, play and explore to their hearts’ content, without the fear of online threats. We are thrilled to be expanding the SafeToNet brand with SafeToPlay, ensuring that children only access content that is appropriate for them. To team up with a firm like Azoomee who share our vision of making the Internet a safe place for all children, is a great opportunity and we can’t wait to get started. We hope that by adding the SafeToPlay product alongside SafeToNet and SafeToWatch, our video threat filtering software, parents will be able to rest easy knowing their children are playing games and watching content online that is not only suitable for their age group but will also keep them out of harms way.”

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