There’s no denying it, technology impacts almost every aspect of our existence – it impacts the way we learn, communicate and think. To some degree, technology runs our lives and we sometimes can’t function without it.     

Technology has advanced tremendously over the last three decades:

  • 1991 – Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web 
  • 1995 – Pierre Omidyar launches eBay 
  • 2001 – Apple unveils its iPod MP3 music player 
  • 2007 – Apple introduces the iPhone and Netflix streaming launches 
  • 2012 – NASA’s Curiosity rover lands on Mars, exploring the planet to this day
  • 2015 – Supercomputers (the world’s fastest computers) are merely 30 times less powerful than the human brain 
  • 2020 – DeepMind, Google/Alphabet’s artificial intelligence computer program, cracks the classic problem of protein folding. 

As technology continues to evolve at what seems to be warp speed, artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics are at the forefront. 


Artificial intelligence is a comprehensive branch of computer science that is focused on building smart machines, which are capable of completing tasks that usually require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence has been and continues to create a paradigm shift in almost every sector of the tech industry.    

Behavioral analytics focuses on answering the 4 W’s – who, what, where, and when, which can help explain why someone does what they do. These critical insights allow technology driven companies to continue to optimize products and services to achieve the best results possible.

SafeToNet brings AI and Behavioral Analytics together in our award-winning app

One of the main purposes of artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics is to create an acceptable and predictable model for human understanding. In order to positively impact human behavior, we must first understand human behavior. 

At SafeToNet, our purpose is to keep children safe online. The data scientists, AI team, cyber psychologists, and the rest of the members of SafeToNet execute that purpose with their passion for technology and using its power for GOOD. That passion has allowed us to create the award-winning SafeToNet app that utilizes AI and Behavioral Analytics to keep children safe in their digital world, without compromising their privacy. 

When a child uses our app, the Intelligent Safeguarding Keyboard takes into consideration the child’s normal behaviors and message patterns. This allows it to detect when something isn’t right. It filters outgoing messages and reads keystrokes, prompting the app to provide advice and guidance in the moment to help them deal with challenging issues, like sexting or cyberbullying. While it preserves your child’s privacy, never allowing you as the parent to see exactly what’s being said, the app alerts you when there may be potential harm. This helps you start a conversation with your child about what they may be going through. 

We’ve harnessed the power of AI to use it for GOOD and are always researching new ways that technology can be used to protect and improve the wellbeing of our younger generation. 


Actually, it started with Pi, but there may have been some pie consumed along the way. 

As you may know, March 14th is Pi Day, and it’s definitely a day we celebrate here at SafeToNet. We celebrate Pi Day not because it’s the only holiday that honors a number, but because we deeply appreciate numbers and mathematics as the foundation for everything we do. Mimicking, learning, and positively impacting human behavior using technology requires a mathematical foundation.  

We also celebrate Pi Day to help recognize all fields of STEM. 


STEM stands for sciencetechnologyengineering, and mathematics. This form of education helps to create critical thinkers and improve science literacy, which ultimately empowers the next generation of innovators. STEM activities usually provide hands-on lessons and experiences for students, which makes learning fun. 

“In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” – National Science Foundation 

There is so much diversity in STEM as it exists in every aspect of our lives. Many of the world’s advanced innovations and developments are contributions of STEM, making it the driving force of innovation. Crucial domains, like economics, use aspects of STEM to understand the outcomes of decisions. 

Working in a STEM field requires you to have a thirst for knowledge. Because it requires continuous learning and reading, it should be virtually a hobby.   

If you’re a parent of a child who has a passion for science, technology, engineering, or mathematics, we urge you to encourage them to pursue that passion. Just like our team at SafeToNet, we want children to be passionate about their digital world, and excited to learn more. Working in a STEM-related field can change lives in incredible ways. 


SafeToNet is the only cyber safety and digital wellbeing company in the world that uses artificial intelligence and behavioral analytics to filter harmful content in real time and deliver supportive audio wellbeing practices in the moment when a child is in trouble. 

Our forward-thinking technology provides you with incredibly valuable insights into your child’s digital wellbeing and showcases a dynamic Safety indicator that delivers a real-time view of your child’s movement towards and away from risk. Ultimately, our app highlights your child’s patterns of safety and risk over a given period of time and guides you, the parent, on how to deal with and discuss any challenging topics that arise. 

SafeToNet uses AI for GOOD, to protect, preserve privacy, and improve the wellbeing of children online. 

Download our awardwinning app and start your free trial today. 


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